I am into old school sci-fi (Serenity, Original Star Wars, and Buffy doesn't count as sci-fi but I still love her). I have the energy of a cheerleader, talk too fast, drink a lot of coffee (yes I actually enjoy the taste) and truly believe Photography is my calling. It's not just a job - I'm capturing memories that you can pass along to your children and their children - images and heirlooms that will show the story of your life and carry your children's memories as they grow.  Your Legacy. 

I'm an outnumbered Boy mom. I live with stinky feet and crazy energy and dodge flying balls and speeding toy trains. I live in a world run by children, where we go to bed and arise when it's still dark. But I love it. I capture sparkling eyes, and chocolate smiles and dirty knees and wet, towel covered, smiling faces and I treasure every second of my crazy, boy filled life. I've been married to my forever best friend, Brian, for well over a decade and together we have our kiddos, 2 dogs and only fight over who has to do the dishes or what to watch..


a little bit about

I love the digital age as much as the next techie, but there is just *something* breathtaking about having your portraits framed and showcased in your home. 

wall space


My clientele knows how to keep things classy and refined but also bring the fun! Props are always encouraged (think Champagne, your child's favorite baby books, a special blanket, etc)

creative and refined


Especially if you're bringing children with you, plan for things to go awry. BUT - that's when we get the best images! 

plan for the unexpected


A family that brings their authentic selves to their session is my kind of people. I will guide you to ensure genuine expressions and interactions. 



It's the nose scrunches, the way they turn in their feet, twist their sweater around their hands, play with their hair, and hide behind dad's tall legs that I'm after. The real relationship your children have with you and with each other; the real faces and smiles, stances and twitches that make them them. That allow their personalities to shine through. That's my goal in every session that I have and with each child and family that I document. To capture that little sparkle in that moment of your life, stained knees and all.

what makes a #Hillahappy Family?


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