curls (mine out grew his), and your 12 year old still thinks you're the world (you'll soon be replaced by a video game), and your teen isn't yet off to college - but will be next summer. I would be truly honored to help you document these days as you live them because all too soon these images will be the legacy you pass to your children. Your legacy. 

One of my favorite feelings is walking into someone's home and seeing their family pictures displayed around the house - generations proudly on display. Grandpa in his military uniform, Mom's amazing 80's hair... the sepia stained images of the generations of great and the stories they conjure when you see them of lives long past.  This is the legacy I want to bring to your family. I want to help you capture these memories now, while your baby still has his 


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my dad used to say he went shooting in Maine ...with a camera. I've had a camera in my hand since I was a child but we all have to "grow up" at some time, right? I made my parents happy and went to college and got the fancy degree(s) but I was always still a photographer and was lucky enough to make this my full time profession in 2007. My goal is to not only take amazing, authentic, light, bright, true-to-life images, but wow you with a caring, personalized experience tailored to your family's needs. I'm just a shoot and burn photographer - I'm here to give you images that represent where you are at this point in your life so when you see these on your mantle 10 years from now, you smile and say "hey"....and the stories begin....

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